Bradford Beer Festival 2021

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our next planned beer festival. We left it as long as possible before making the decision, however, some aspects have a long lead-in time which is why we are notifying you now. Under the constantly changing precautionary measures, we are unable to effectively plan for this event. In addition, the severe restrictions on the numbers of people that can attend Victoria Hall mean that a festival will not be financially viable and is unlikely to be much fun for those who could attend.


We are hoping to do something else during 2021 and thinking of something that helps support our local pubs and breweries that have been massively impacted over the year. If you have any suggestions of the type of event you would like to see, please email Whatever we do, it may be at relatively short notice and dependent upon how the situation evolves.

For some good news, we have contacted Victoria Hall, Saltaire and have provisionally booked 24-26 February 2022 for Bradford Beer Festival 2022. Please pencil these dates in your diary.

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