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Press Release (20 December 2021)

Cancellation of Bradford Beer Festival 2022

Sadly, due to the ongoing impacts of the COVID situation, the Bradford Branch of the Campaign of Real Ale (CAMRA) has had to cancel the planned Bradford Beer Festival 2022.  This was scheduled to take place on 24-26 February 2022 at Victoria Hall, Saltaire.  However, due to the enactment of additional precautionary measures related to the Omicron version of the virus, the suggestions of tighter restrictions to come to help control its spread and the lack of clear guidance or direction from the Government, it is not considered viable to hold a beer festival in the near future.  There is just no way of predicting whether the event will be allowed to proceed on the scheduled date and, even if it is, whether attendees and volunteers will feel sufficiently confident to go.


Ticket sales have been stopped.  For those that have already bought tickets online, arrangements will be made to refund the cost of the tickets.  Similarly, those that have already made postal applications will have their payments returned.


Unfortunately, some of the beer festival publicity was already issued to print before the Government’s “Plan B” measures were announced and before the suggestions of tighter restrictions to come.  In particular, an article will appear in the soon to be released January / February 2022 edition of the CAMRA – Bradford Branch’s bi-monthly magazine “Tyke Taverner”.  Due to the cancellation of the festival, it will no longer be possible to proceed with the event as described in any publicity that may subsequently appear in print.


We are very sorry to those that were looking forward to attending or taking part in the festival.  We know that it is one of the highlights of many peoples' year.  It was not a decision that was taken lightly.  However, the safety of attendees and volunteers is a prime consideration.  It is intended to hold another event in the future when the circumstances are more favourable.


Peter Down
Bradford Beer Festival 2022 – Organiser
CAMRA – Bradford Branch
20 December 2021

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